Captain Planet Cartoon to be Made into Movie!

July 20, 2011

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Just as Captain America hits movie theatres there is already another captain looking to steal the limelight: Captain Planet!

Don’t know who Captain Planet is? Captain Planet is a hero with a difference, as his name suggests, he is the world’s first animated environment-saving hero: he literally wants to save the world!

Cartoon network has announced that it has entered into a deal with Don Murphy (Transformers) to develop an adventure film based on Captain Planet. The original six-season series centred on a band of young people who combine their special powers to summon eco-hero Captain Planet to battle the world’s eco-villains. With the natural disasters the world has seen in recent years Captain Planet’s return is sure to be welcome.

This news follows the announcement that Ben 10, another of the Cartoon Network’s shows is to be turned in to a movie. The Cartoon Network has obviously got its sights set on the film industry, and we are wondering which other cartoons will be soon be turned into film.

Which other cartoons would you like to see on the big screen?


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  • Kevin Gilmartin

    Oh, dear. I remember Captain Planet from when I was a kid. I was just the right age for it and even then it was pretty lame. Can’t believe it lasted 6 seasons!

    I think we need to see a new Ghostbusters film – and not just talk about it, Dan Akroyd – or get our CGI on and revive the Samurai Pizza Cats!