Good news for Gleeks: Rachel, Finn and Kurt will not be leaving Glee!

July 26, 2011


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Have you (like me) been worrying what will become of Glee once our favourite characters Rachel, Finn and Kurt graduate?  Rumour had it that upon graduating the three would be leaving the show for greener pastures, leaving us all wondering who would be tasked with filling the uncoordinated shoes of loveable Finn and who could possibly compete with our two favourite divas!

But worry no more!  It has been confirmed by Brad Fulchuk in his appearance at Comi-Con that although the three will be graduating at the end of the next series this does not mean the end for their time on the show. As he put it:

“They’re seniors and they’re graduating.  But just because they are graduating does not mean they are leaving the show.  If you have Lea Michele under contract, you don’t say, ‘We’re gonna let you go.’

It was never our plan or our intention to let them go…. They are not done with the show after this season.”

This is brilliant news for Glee fans everywhere!  This will no doubt set the rumour mills churning again as we ponder what lies in store for our three graduates. Will we see Rachel and Kurt on Broadway?  Will Finn end up a Lima loser as he has always feared?  I for one can’t wait to find out!

But it seems there is more sad news in store concerning baby faced Sam.  Reports that Sam, although not returning to the show as a regular, could still appear as a returning character have been quashed.  Falchuk said:

“We did invite [Chord] back for a portion of the season … to see if being a regular was a possibility. But he declined the offer, which we were really disappointed by.

We wanted him back because we like Chord personally and had some good stories planned for him and with Mercedes.  He decided he would have opportunities elsewhere that he would like to pursue, and we can’t force him to work, so we wished him well.”

This is very sad news for fans of Sam but I’m sure this will only pave the way for more new characters and perhaps another love interest for unlucky in love Mercedes!

Are your favourites staying on the show? Let us know who you hope to see more of in the coming series in our comments section below!

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  • Anonymous

    Oh my god this is great news! it wouldn’t have been the same without them, I probably wouldn’t have liked the new characters and stopped watching! :)

    • Debbie Clarke

      I know! I was thinking the same, why would I watch it if they’re not in it!

      • Sophie

        True that