Tales from the Crypt rises from the dead for a second take

July 28, 2011


A new TV series based on the classic Tales from the Crypt is in the works, but get this, it’s not returning in its traditional anthology format. Instead, in a first for anything Crypt, this new project is going to introduce actual storylines and recurring characters.

Image via styro

Image via styro

The new show would be joining an already strong and varied franchise. From humble beginnings as a horror comic in the 1950s, Tales from the Crypt went on to spawn a seven season show on HBO from 1989 to 1996. As well as two cult classic films, a bunch of comedy music albums and a cartoon, not to mention all the Cryptkeeper merchandise that comes out every Halloween season.

Gil Adler, producer of the original Crypt series, as well as Andrew Cosby, who’s been on the radar recently as co-creator of Syfy’s Eureka, have already been linked to this new project. So far, reports are that a pitch and a bible for the show have already been completed.

On the change of format, Cosby says promisingly:

β€œIt’s all about continually elevating the genre, for both existing fans of the source material and mainstream audiences.”

SFX also reports that HBO has expressed quite a bit of interest in picking up the series again. Great news for us horror fans; after all, it wouldn’t be Tales from the Crypt without a few too-disturbing-for-basic-cable sequences.

It’ll be interesting to see if the project actually manages to get picked up, especially with the glut of damn good television on the air at the moment. However, horror’s been popular on TV in the past few years, with Supernatural, The Walking Dead, True Blood, Being Human and The Vampire Diaries gaining good-sized and loyal viewing audiences. Crypt could prove to be a tempting property for an entertainment network looking for the next horror hit with a side order of 90s nostalgia thrown in.

Could this be HBO’s next project? Is it just not Tales from the Crypt without the anthology setup? Do they need to spin another cartoon off this series? (yes) Please share.

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