Avengers leak delivers, more video content coming your way

September 1, 2011


If all the photos from the set showing up online aren’t enough, a few other tidbits from The Avengers film franchise have just been uploaded. Or rather, leaked by probable Disney plant Anton Volkov on Twitvid (you might remember him as the guy who leaked all the Tron footage last year).

Image via xploitme

Image via xploitme

First up: Thor isn’t being released on DVD/Blu-Ray until 13 September, but now you can check out a featurette from the special features here. No new movie footage, but it has Joss Whedon talking Avengers plus some bits and pieces from other Marvel movies and the Comic-Con 2010 appearance. You could wait another 13 days for it to officially show up on the DVD, but who has the patience?

And did you catch the clip Marvel released from short film The Consultant last month? After the long wait, now’s your chance to see the whole thing, and it’s pretty hilarious. It follows the continuing adventures of the beleaguered-yet-kinda-awesome Agent Coulson, connecting The Incredible Hulk with Iron Man 2. Plus a special star appearance. Not going to spoil any more, check it out for yourself.

Between the teaser, the set pics, the featurettes and everything, it’s insane how much Avengers material they’ve already released, and the movie itself isn’t actually premiering until 4 May 2012. Fingers crossed next leak is a full trailer! In the meantime, we’ve always got the new season of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (IMDB has a Dr. Doom/Fantastic Four season premier with a 20 October release date listed) and the end of Fear Itself.

Think these latest links are promising in terms of how well The Avengers will eventually turn out? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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