Movies opening this weekend

September 2, 2011


It’s nearly the weekend everyone! You know what that means – it’s time to look through the latest film releases and decide what  movies we will be spending our hard earned cash on this week.

Dark thrillers seem to be well and truly on the menu this weekend, with Apollo 18 and Kill List making their theatre debuts. However, a little light relief comes courtesy of Freddie Highmore in awkward romance The Art of Getting By.

Apollo 18

Okay, so this offering from director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego looks like it could be a bit hit or miss, but the conspiracy surrounding it is enough to rouse our curiosity.

It’s very similar to alien thriller ‘The Fourth Kind’ in the sense that it claims all of the footage is ‘real’… but it isn’t really. Officially, Apollo 17 in 1972 was the final manned mission to the moon, but this film shows footage from a following trip that was funded by the American department of defence.  As you can imagine, the mission doesn’t go quite to plan…

The Art of Getting By

The Art of Getting By comes from the same studio as cute indie hits Juno and (500) Days of Summer, and yes, this is pretty much more of the same.

Starring Freddie Highmore of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland (when did he get so BIG?!) this film tells the story of cute-but-awkward teen George, who meets pretty girl Sally (Emma Roberts) and a cute-but-awkward romance ensues.

Critics haven’t been impressed with this one so far, but if you enjoyed Juno and (500) Days of Summer, it might be worth a punt.

Kill List

Last but certainly not least, this hit man thriller has critics raving, claiming it is one of the best and darkest thrillers of the year so far.

It tells the story of hit man Jay, who struggles to juggle an idyllic domestic life with the stresses of being a cold blooded killer (but let’s face it, don’t we all?!). However, things take a dark turn with his latest assignment.

If you want to believe the critics, this is definitely one you should go and see.

What are you going to see this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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