New movie releases this weekend

September 16, 2011


Hello movie fans! It’s nearly the weekend, so it’s time to scan through the theatre schedules to discover what juicy titbits Hollywood has in store for us this week.

People who love their laughs are in for a treat this weekend, as three big comedies make their theatre debut.

However, the real gem out this week has to be Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, a home grown triumph which the critics are positively drooling over.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

This film made big waves at the Venice Film Festival a couple of weeks back, and it’s not hard to see why. British acting legend Gary Oldman heads up a top-notch cast including Colin Firth and Tom Hardy in this excellent Cold War thriller.

Based on the classic novel by John Le Carre, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy tells the story of George Smiley (Oldman), a disgraced spy who is secretly rehired by the government after they discover a double agent working at MI-6.

The critics are loving this film, and some are saying it is even better than the 1979 TV adaptation. Safe to say it is probably the best film out this week.

30 Minutes or Less

A completely different brand of action movie also makes its theatre debut this week, in the form of 30 Seconds or Less.

The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg takes the lead role in this one, and is supported by household names Danny McBride (of Pinapple Express fame) and Aziz Ansari (who was in Scrubs for about 5 minutes).

Eisenberg plays Nick, a small town pizza delivery guy who gets mixed up with some bungling criminals, ends up with a bomb strapped to his chest and has nine hours to rob a bank.

There are a couple of belly laughs in there, but on the whole it isn’t very clever. The cast is good, but it’s hard to tell whether the script do the actors justice. Nevertheless, it might be worth a punt.

I Don’t Know How She Does It

Sarah Jessica Parker returns in this light hearted comedy about the woman who wants to have it all. Based on the book by Allison Pearson, SJP plays a working Mum in Boston who tries her best to juggle a stressful job, marriage and two children.

Critics are accusing the plot of being a bit bland and dated, but again the performances alone might be enough to save this one. A good one to see if you’re going to the cinema with your Mum.

The Change Up

Finally, Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds star in this comedy offering from the writers of The Hangover.

Best friends Mitch and Dave are polar opposites – one is a single layabout with a chronic phobia of responsibility, while the other is a devout family man with a well-paid job. After a drunken night, the pair discover they have swapped bodies Freaky Friday style.

Hilarity ensues, life lessons are learned, you know the drill by now.  Critics are slating it, claiming it isn’t very funny and is just another rehash of an old and tired formula. To be honest, your money is probably better spent on one of the other films out this week.

What are you going to see this weekend? Don’t be shy, let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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