Six of our Favourite Moments from Doctor Who Series 6

September 22, 2011


photo by Camera Wences via flickr

Settling in for the final episode of Doctor Who series 6? It’s been a great run, but all things must come to an end, usually around episode 13 (unless we’re also counting Christmas). So in anticipation of The Wedding of River Song, here are 6 of our favourite bits of series 6:

6. Arguably some of the best moments in Who-dom are mixing home-grown spooky with scifi (See: are you my mummy?). Night Terrors was this series’ big suburban horror show and new monster baddies the Peg Dolls were a pretty awesome continuation of the tradition. Maybe not on clockwork doll or weeping angel levels of awesome, but the storyline revolving around the cuckoo concept was pretty compelling.

5. River Song and the Doctor faced off against the Silence in an epic gun battle. If there’s one thing Who does pretty well, it’s kick-ass ladies. It also helps that the Silence were pretty damn creepy too for a bunch of baddies-of-the-week.

4. They finally got around to tackling the tried-and-tested “going back in time and killing Hitler” plotline, and the cast got some snappy dialogue to boot. Just putting it on the list because for all that stuff about Doctor Who being about Serious Timelords Saving The Universe in the Nick of Time, it’s the comedy that keeps us coming back for more. We also like how they took a practically cliche plotline and made it distinctly Who.

3. What a way to start a series. The Doctor died in The Impossible Astronaut, apparently killed by some space suited dude. Don’t worry though, he got better.

A bit difficult to find a clip of it on youtube, so here’s a fanvid set to Florence and the Machine. Sorry.

2. And in A Good Man Goes to War, we found out that River Song is actually Amy Pond’s daughter. Whaaaaaaaat? We might have had some inklings, but all the drama behind it made for some great television. Plus, the whole plotline managed to wring a touch of emotive acting out of Karen Gillan, which is something.

1. Neil Gaiman wrote an episode. And it was glorious.

You just know that when Neil Gaiman gets ahold of script writing duties, it’s going to be an episode for the ages, and The Doctor’s Wife was no exception. Perfectly in line with continuity, adding its own compelling piece to Who Lore, all with a tight and imaginative script. Can we get Neil his own TV show please? I’m thinking something animated and post-watershed.

What have been your favourite moments of series 6 thus far? What are you hoping to see in next time? Feel free to share with us in the comments!

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