Tom Lenk Is In A Film And So Can You

September 23, 2011


Lead actors Tom Lenk and Sandha Khin

So now that we are goin some way to becoming the place to go for all your Tom Lenk news, here’s a really cool short film project you (yes, you!) can support and even get your big pretty mug splashed all over.

The film is called “Gone” and is the brain-child of award-winning screenwriter and director Miranda Sajdak. Without giving too much away, the film is about two people meeting for the first time after the sudden death of a man named Jimmy. Pen was engaged to him before he came out, and Marcus was his new boyfriend. Sajdak has very generously given us a sneaky at the completed script (elegantly printed in 12-point Courier New), and it’s good stuff, you guys. In what is becoming a recurring theme, the film is using crowd-sourcing fundraiser site, and offers a range of incentives to lubricate your pockets, including a role in the film.

We had a wee blether with the director earlier about the project and how it’s making the most of social media. “As far as social media is concerned, we find the internet is really the best way to find and then communicate with your audience,” says Sajdak. “For us, the audience is diverse, as it’s made up of people who are fans of Tom’s work as well as members of the LGBT community and allies, among many others. We’re fortunate to be able to harness the power of Twitter and Facebook as well as messageboards and websites that reach those audiences.

“We hope that when people read the script and see our message out there, they will embrace the film and be as eager to see it as we are to make it.

“As far as release date goes, that is still TBD. I’m aiming to have it sent out to festivals around the world starting in January of 2012. In a best-case scenario, we also might seek DVD or online distribution.  Should those channels not be open to UK audiences, of course we will look at every way possible of getting the film out there to them, whether by internet links (which we’re happy to pass along to our supporters) or other means if need be (DVD screeners, etc). We want this film to be seen by a wide audience, and are doing everything in our power to get it out there!”

As I’m sure you know by now we are huge Buffy fans here, and even if Lenk wasn’t a major player in our formative teenage years we would still be excited about the finished product. TV and film have been great weapons in changing attitudes towards the LGBT community, this is a cool project to get behind. You can donate online here, and even a fiver goes a long way.

Got a favourite Buffy moment? Giz a shout in the comments.

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