Dexter Season 6 Premiere Leaked Online

September 26, 2011


photo by master1228 via flickr

Since its debut, new seasons of Dexter have always been highly anticipated, and it seems that the show’s devoted fans will now have access to the season premiere a week ahead of the official October 2nd release date. More than 50,000 fans have downloaded the new episode via Bit Torrent since it leaked this past weekend.

The show is a critical favourite, and its complex characters, graphic violence, and Michael C. Hall’s dark sense of humour in the title role have given the show quite a following among crime genre aficionados.

For the uninitiated, Dexter Morgan is a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Homicide team. He is a methodical scientist, precise in his work, charming with his co-workers, but secretive with his emotions. His father, Harry, gave him a code to follow that would protect Dexter and channel his dark urges – he hunts and murders other serial killers.

To do this Dexter has become very adept at hiding his true self, but as the series has progressed Dexter has increasingly had to balance his darkness with the relationships in his life, and with his responsibilities as a father. Dexter wants to rid himself of his “Dark Passenger” and lead a more normal life, but has so far not been able to. He also knows that his getting caught will greatly hurt the people he cares about.

The sixth season is remarkable in that it introduces several new characters into Dexter’s universe and struggles with the theme of religion. Brother Sam (played by Mos Def) is a religious man with a checkered past whom Dexter initially pursues as a possible victim. However, Dexter is intrigued that Brother Sam seems to have found redemption and transformed himself through his faith. His attention inevitably moves onto the new killers for season 6, played by Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos. The student-mentor pair are similarly motivated by religion, but have twisted it to justify killing people they believe to be sinners.

A new detective also joins the homicide team as Dexter’s sister Deb gets a promotion. Dexter gets a new nanny to help with his young son Harrison, his friend Batista’s little sister, Jaime.

The show is an original series on Showtime and the creators are continuing to release promo material ahead of the October 2 air date. In the UK, Dexter appears on FX.


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