Ryan Gosling has Won the Internet

September 27, 2011

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photo by Imagery by Pete via flickr

Okay, internet, you’ve got me. I can no longer stand idly by while the Goslernaut trundles by charming the everloving pants right off us with his every move. He sings! He acts! He breaks up fights in New York! He is Canadian and has a funny accent!

There are two great movies out right now, Crazy, Stupid, Love and Drive. The former is basically Hitch but with a blue-light filter over the camera and a merciful ‘nil’ on the Kevin-James-ometer. Steve Carrell (boring insensitive middle aged man) and Julianne Moore (boring insensitive middle aged woman) are getting divorced and that’s sad I guess? It doesn’t seem like they’re happy but Steve wants to Win Her Back because of love or possibly because Marissa Tomei is not much fun either. These guys and their problems. Gosling is Will Smith in that film, Emma Stone is Eva Mendes but with a smaller face and ginger. I’m sure there are some great lines but considering you get two topless Goslings in the 2-minute trailer I don’t know if they are worth the other peripheral ninety minutes.

Drive (2011) is surely this generation’s Drive (1997) starring Brittany Murphy. J/k. It actually looks pretty good! So much so that I haven’t watched any trailers or read any reviews and am mostly putting together this information from publicity stills that I have been unable to avoid just by using the internet for long enough. It has Carey Mulligan and Christina Hendricks in it and that is all I am going to say.

There’s also the upcoming Oscar nominee for Best Everything starring George Clooney, The Ides of March. This also looks amazing! I never thought Paul Giamatti and Philip Seymour Hoffman could be in the same film because I thought there was some censorship regulations about having too many awesome pudgy actors in one film. Having gone many years without The West Wing and having to make do with bootleg copies of The Colbert Report being airmailed daily to my flat this seems like the socially-conscious political thriller I’ve been jonesing for. Or Gosl-ing for.

And even though the film currently consists of Hollywood buddies RG and ES hanging out wearing cool hats, Gangster Squad is basically the film version of the hit videocon LA Noire starring Ken Cosgrove from Mad Men. We sure love the past these days! Anyway the film looks too cool for you me or that goofy horse you rode in on.

And just for some whipped cream on top of the triple layer fudge cake that is Ryan Gosling in the past month or so, here he his with his band. His band, Dead Man’s Bones, is made of school children singing songs about ghosts and the song is even catchy! I have to admit I was pretty cynical about this before because it just sounded so nice, but man, I might even watch out for more of these guys.

All seriousness, I’m actually pretty glad someone who clearly has a bit of gumption and integrity about the projects he endorses has so much sway in the world of mainstream cinema. I think the sudden onslaught of internet coverage of the guy is actually testament to how desperately in need of someone like him the movies are. And if that means enduring the hardship of some great-looking people making great-looking films, long may it continue.

Gosling gosling gosling? Gosling in the Goslings undergosling.

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