Happy Birthday Stephen Moyer!

October 11, 2011


October the 11th marks the birthday of one of the hottest men on television right now, Stephen Moyer. Today Stephen Moyer celebrates his 42nd birthday, and we thought we would pay tribute to him and how amazing he is.

While Moyer is an English actor, you wouldn’t know it from the Southern drawl he manages when he plays Bill Compton in the ridiculously popular HBO series True Blood. While he has appeared in a number of popular British TV shows such as Waking the Dead, Midsomer Murders and Peak Practise, True Blood is definitely what rocketed him into the spotlight and made him the heart-throb he is today.

There’s a lot of reasons why we love Stephen Moyer, but as the main one has to be anything True Blood-related, let’s look at the five reasons why we love Bill Compton.

1. The accent.

I’ve mentioned it above, and you can’t deny that Bill Compton sounds so sexy because of that deep, Southern accent. So words sound better than others, and the one that sounds the best has to be Sookie’s name. And let’s face it, he says that a lot! If you listen to him saying it enough, the word Sookie does start to lose all meaning.

2. He’s got enough love to go around.

If you’re as hot as Bill is, it would be cruel to keep your love for one person. After Bill and Sookie are no longer an item, Bill gets it on with quite a number of local residents, including bar owner Sam (okay, so that’s a dream, but it totally counts!).

3. He’s a proper vampire.

While I have nothing against the Twilight movies, I have to say it’s quite nice seeing Bill being a real vampire. He doesn’t sparkle, he can’t go out in the daylight (well he can, but he burns) and he has to be invited in to your house before he can enter (which is also a nice way of chucking him out when you fall out with him). While Edward Cullen does posses some charm, nothing beats a real vampire, instead of a slightly watered-down-for-teens version.

4. The body.

As much as I would love to put in a video here of Bill in “action”, I’m pretty sure not everyone wants to see that, so I’ll leave it out. Let’s just say Bill looks as nice out of his clothes as does in them and does tend to get his kit off quite a lot during the show. Hey, being a vampire is a dangerous job, and your clothes get torn/muddy quite a lot.

5. He always stands up for Sookie.

While Bill and Sookie don’t always remain in a relation, Bill is pretty good at protecting her from the legions of evil things that seem to want to do away with her. Ex-boyfriends would prove a lot more useful if you know they were always around defend you.

So happy birthday Stephen! Hope it’s a good one!

Share your cherished Vampire Bill moments in the comments. 

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