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October 13, 2011


Morning chaps, Comics Czar Jac here with a runaround of the top titles coming out this week!

Angel vs. Etrigan, match up for the ages. Image via JD Hancock

Angel vs. Etrigan, match up for the ages. Image via JD Hancock

Demon Knights #2

This issue’s a fight issue as we see the Demon Etrigan and co. face off against the Big Bad for the first time in a dragon/rapto-rama battle royale. We’re essentially still stuck in the tavern at the beginning of the D&D campaign, but it looks like the next issue might be giving us a proper quest to get our teeth into. Trouble in the land of Camelot, Barbarian hoards, you know the biz. If you have a shameful stack of Tor pulp fantasy hidden somewhere, this is the book you probably should be reading at the moment. Even if you don’t, it’s emerging as one of the more fast-paced and enjoyable of DC’s New 52 offerings, so why not? The first issue sold so well it got a second printing, also out this week, so no excuses.

Batwoman #2

It’s still a bit early to call this one, considering we’ve still got a story being established here. The most pleasant problem is Batwoman’s tenure on Detective Comics was so remarkably good that this new series has a lot to live up to. The series is off to a good start though, balancing the horror-mystery Batwoman plotline with the more slice-of-life Kate Kane moments, which was always one of the big draws of the original series. Fight scenes and detecting are good and all, but engaging in Kate’s melodramatic love life was always an enjoyable interlude in Detective.

And the art, my god… J.H. Williams III is amazing as always, though I still can’t help but feel that some pieces would work better framed in a gallery than telling a story on the page. Sometimes cohesion gives way to the pretty; it worked over a few limited issues, but will it work for potentially multiple arcs in a series? I’m guessing DC will do the right thing for a change and keep Williams on this particular book for at least a few. The first issue also got a re-printing if you’ve missed it last week.

FF #10

The Thing returns and the Inhumans gear up to fight against a Kree invasion (what else is new). And so the adventures of the Future Foundation continue in what’s probably one of the most traditionally plotted Space Opera on the market at the moment, though it’ll probably be one you have to see in trades to appreciate because damn is the story moving at granny-driving-on-a-freeway pace. Have to say though, between Dr. Doom getting his brain back (no foolin’) and the Crisis of Infinite Reeds in the previous few, I’ve at least had enough of a reason to stick with single issues for the time being. And with the big reveal at the end of this particular issue, it looks like we might be bringing in the big guns for some all-out fate-of-the-planet action, which is making me pretty hopeful for #11. No spoilers here though, you gotta check it out for yourself. 

Tune in next week, when we finally wrap up Fear Itself: Homefront, plus the second issue of the much-beleaguered Justice League.

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