Glee Recap Season Three Episode Three: Asian F

October 14, 2011


Here’s what you missed…on Glee! Just kidding!

Who run the world? Brittany, obviously

Who run the world? Brittany, obviously

As there was no new Glee this week, we decided to tide you over by recapping last week’s Glee instead, just to keep you ticking over. Aren’t we nice?

So….last week’s episode was very similar to its title, “Asian F”; not bad, but crushingly disappointing all the same. Given the episode before’s thrill-tastic ending we were expecting a hell of a lot more drama and excitement from an episode that kind of fell flat.

Instead of the Kurt-Blaine blowout we had been hoping for, we got an episode centred almost entirely on the overdone Mercedes-Rachel Berry rivalry. Although, I will admit, watching them audition against each other for the part of Maria in West Side Story did once and for all show us who’s got the stronger set of pipes. Even Rachel Berry admits it.

Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. As I said, the episode kicks off with some serious sing-off action from Rachel and Mercedes. Kurt is still running for class president, but as we know, Brittany is now a contender for the title and she kicks off her campaign with the best song ever in the history of Glee. No, seriously. Britt sings ‘Runs the World (Girls)’ in an amazing montage. By the end, Britt is dancing her thigh high socks off in the gym and the entire female population of McKinley High has stormed the sports court (even Sue Sylvester has a little jiggle in her seat). The tension during Santana and Brittany during this episode is, as always, excellent, and if they don’t end up together I will eat my pom poms.

In other news, Mike Chang has decided he wants to sing after all and is trying out for the part of Riff (who dances a lot) in the musical. His audition is okay, and everyone is pleased for him finally finding his voice, but there’s drama to be had here! Turns out Mike’s parents don’t like the way his grades are headed. Thanks to the Glee club, mike ends up with his first ever A minus (or Asian F) and his parents tell him to quite his dancing ways and focus on a good career. He and Tina have some mushy moments, and then he tries out anyway, deciding to follow his heart. In the end, his mom comes around and accepts him for the dancing, non-doctor Asian son that he is, but to be honest, we saw it coming. It’s just a rehashing of the ‘you can’t be in the school play’ storyline exercised by so many other Glee characters have been through before. Still, I guess it’s nice for Mike to get his moment to shine.

During all of this, Mercedes is becoming more and more frustrated with her lot. Her attitude is getting worse and Mr Schuester continues to push her, even though she seems pretty close to the edge. The episode ends with the cast list for the musical being announced. Tensions are high as the characters read the announcement. It looks kind of like this:

  • Tony…….Blaine
  • Anita…..Santana
  • Riff….Mike Chang (because apparently Finn doesn’t exist anymore)
  • Maria……Rachel

At this point, Mercedes storms off with determination in her face. Where could she be going? Why, to sign up for the OTHER Glee Club that formed last week, of course. All of a sudden, it looks lie New Directions might have something to worry about.

Tune in next time, for more Glee recaps!

Did you enjoy ‘Asian F’? What was your favourite song? Let us know in the comments!


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