Harry Potter Documentary Is More Interesting Than Actual Harry Potter

October 17, 2011


Opening a tiny can of worms on a Monday. Seriously though, the story of what will happen to Radcliffe, Grint and the other one post-Potter is subjectively much more relatable than all the foofarah about prophecies and wizard olympics. That said I’m happy to invest myself in Game of Thrones which is much the same except everyone’s middle aged, psychotic and from Yorkshire. It’s just what works for me.

Anyway, if the trailer for TV documentarian Morgan Matthews’ When Harry Left Hogwarts even comes close to delivering on what promise to be some surprisingly touching scenes of existential angst from the leads it’ll be one very watchable piece of cinema.

Have you watched it now? Okay, so it’s probably not fair to compare the two but how much of a tool does Watson sound coming right after an inconceivably well-adjusted Daniel Radcliffe? Just needed to get that out there, she is Not The Worst but still Bad In Terms Of Actors Who Say Things That Are Not In Scripts. On the other hand: Emma Thompson and Draco Malfoy’s dad seem pretty cool!

Regardless of your taste in films, books, video games and most other forms of media, Harry Potter is an unprecedented piece of work, in terms of popularity and the sheer commitment and involvement from its fanbase, which reaches an arguably broader chunk of the population than Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. The story of how the folk whose lives have been built around it move on will be fascinating, and this documentary seems to have caught hold all the appropriate threads. Sincerely tempted to go out and get the thing.

Thanks to BleedingCool!

Have you seen any of these chaps projects after-Potter? This ad aside, how are they getting on so far? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Heather Mhari McGreevy

    That looks amaziiing! Can’t wait to see that! Can’t go that Emma Watson though, she’s so annoying