Felicia Day Presents Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 3

October 26, 2011


This week’s Dragon Age: Redemption is all about the eldritch majyckks, and how being born with (I guess) a preternatural link to ancient ennerjjies is kind of lame in a society that considers such things abominable and will lock you up in a dungeon for it. Kind of like Kurt from Glee being a unicorn except the prison is a metaphor. Let’s watch!

So, Cairn the unassertive Templar is not best pleased that Josmael can create blue lights with his hands and cure himself of massive stab wounds inflicted by allies. He seems remarkably okay with it! At the very least cuss her out for throwing a giant knife through your sternum, kid! If you let people stab you with a knife now, who knows what you’ll let them stab you with later. Anyway, turns out the effects team do a reasonable job with representing a healing spell. Nice!

Anyway, the whole ‘lock up the dangerous mages’ thing is one of the more believable parts of the Dragon Age universe: if you were a somewhat/completely corrupt church/state monolith, you would also demand a monopoly on creating mystyk powyrres with one’s bare hands. Good thinking, Chantry! This also means that if anyone escapes, for example the big grey dude (whose name is Saarebas, which is elvish for ‘if he escapes we are boned’) they are super-angry and also full of murderspells.

Fortunately this week he only has enough power to cause a rockslide to trap our heroes inside a mystical cave, A-Team-style, rather than getting his assassinate on. I’m not going to try to describe the fight scene because I think a more intimate knowledge of the characters’ traits and abilities is necessary to give a play-by-play. Anyway, there’s some cool fighting, Tallis gets headbutted (give ‘em what they want, Dragon Age: Redemption), Josmael’s girlfriend is carried away screaming like so many Princess Peaches.

There’s also a scene where Jos gives a little speech about being in love and assumes – for whatever reason – Tallis and Cairn are an item, but no, they are both in their own way, bound to a life without love or marriage: Cairn to a vow of celibacy and Tallis to a tradition of arranged marriage. I’m sure this won’t be relevant in the future, though.

This continues to be a fun and often surprisingly well-produced little nugget of web magic. Next week: A Stranger Calls. Or maybe more spells and things. Only one way to find out!

Have you been spellbound? Or would you like to take a Potion of Watching Something Else? Let us know in the comments.


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