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October 30, 2011


Horrible Horror

Image by: Goran Zek

With Halloween around the corner and everyone in the mood to dress up as the scariest things they can imagine, we look to the movies for some inspiration. Not just any horror movie will do though: the movies we have plucked from the divine tree of cinema are a special breed. This is the crème de la crème of horror movies and we hope you take away some new favourites, like a large-eyed puppy from the dog orphanage.

Cannibal: The Musical has everything that a horror movie should: suspense, tension, gore and musical numbers about wilderness survival. A stone-cold classic of terrible cinema, if your curiosity isn’t piqued you may have problems with attention deficiency.

So the premise of Basket Case is that a child is born with a conjoined evil twin, as has been well-documented by medical science. The loving parents have them surgically separated, then throw the deformed one in the bin. Nothing out of the ordinary there. The good child grows up and leads a normal life, if by normal you mean keeping your evil twin in a wicker basket. It is never quite explained how or why the evil twin was saved but the fact this incredibad piece of cinema could be given life is reason enough for me.

This pretty much sums up a lot of 90’s horror films. Frankenhooker does exactly what it says on the tin…which probably consists of “this film if viewed cannot be unseen”.

I know what has most people waking up in cold sweats convincing themselves it was just a dream and it’s the ‘beast’ from Night of the Lepus.

Many horror films have a run of sequels, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Final Destination etc. I am glad that someone had the audacity to take a moderately well-known horror title and give it a new lease of life/cultural stereotypes. Leprechaun: Back to tha Hood leaves me with a mix of anger and self-hatred for A) watching it and B) sharing it.

This is just the poop deck of the good ship HMS Terrible Movies, do share your favourites in the comments.


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  • Anonymous

    Basket Case is one of the best/worst horror movies ever! So funny! The 2nd and 3rd one aren’t scary at all, but they have some of the weirdest monsters ever. The third one even has a musical number.