Felicia Day Presents Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 4

November 2, 2011


This week on Dragon Age: Redemption, the ‘reaver’ is a really fierce warrior. Like, super energetic and bloody. They feast upon the essence of their enemies and everything. Ew. This intro seemed a little close to describing a computer game, particularly with ‘In the Dragon Age world’. Just be careful with that, you guys.

The gang has a new party member! Her name is Nyree and she is a cockney mercenary/reaver who we just learned about. In a way this is the funnest part of the series, learning the folklore and politics of this cool little world from a bunch of folks who are super-dedicated to telling their own story within its boundaries.

And we’re not totally surprised that they broke out of Saarebas’ awesome rockslide trap by removing the fallen rocks within about thirty seconds. I guess he’s not that powerful a wizard just yet? Anyway they convince Nyree to tell them all Saarebas’ secrets with a Spell of Pay You Better Than The Other Guy, and I guess he just told the details of his alarmingly evil and somewhat irresponsible plan to the hired help?

So he’s going to release some demons from The Fade, which is the Dragon Age spirit realm, to fulfil his political goal of utterly destroying the Qunari and the Chantry. What he will do after this is a bit up in the air, Saarebas’ seems more like the ‘apocalypse now, control over the levers of the social machine later’ kinda villain. They are usually easy to defeat because of poor logistical decisions like ‘make disloyal mercenaries part of your brain trust.’

Also Josmael (I really want to call him Josh, he looks like a Josh) has also realised he’s going to use his girlfriend as a sacrifice. Josh uses his nomad powers to get them a short cut through the mountains, and apparently the green screen department (see 5:44), to a homely and welcoming tavern where they eat pumpkins and it looks kind of delicious.

It’s also backstory time: Nyree is pretty shtum about her life as an innkeeper’s daughter, and we learn that Tallis was originally demoted for using a minor evil to dispose of a greater evil, and also that her real name isn’t Tallis. She also has some pretty cards-on-the-table flirtytimes with Cairn, which I’m sure will come to nothing and almost certainly won’t end with her telling him her real name as he dies saving her. I have consulted my crystal ball and this is categorically not the case.

Suddenly, a signal is signalled! There is a ruckus and a guy with a giant hammer bowls up. Cliffhanging! Will our heroes fight their way to glory? Who are these guys anyway and what do they want? Find out next time!

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