Glee S03E04: Pot O’ Gold

November 4, 2011



There ain't gold at the end of this rainbow either, image via Flickr

Glee was back on US screens on Wednesday after a 3 week hiatus.  The episode was predictably and rather pejoratively titled “Pot o’ Gold” given the debut of Damien McGinty’s character Rory Flanagan – cue green felt and lucky charms.  The theme of the show was achieving one’s goals.  While characters achieve their goals to varying degrees, the show certainly does not.  The general consensus around the office and online was that Pot O’ Gold was more like a Pot O’ Poop.

So here’s a song rundown:

“Bein’ Green”
Rory Flanagan is an Irish foreign exchange student staying with Brittany’s family. Continuing with the painful mock the Irish theme, Brittany quite obviously thinks he’s a bona-fide leprechaun and promises him her “pot of gold” if he grants her three wishes; Rory agrees – more irishness-ness, blah blah blah. Rory channels Kermit’s discontent over being green, tedious isn’t it?  He’s got a nice voice, but – though a classic – it’s not exactly a thumping tune to welcome Glee back after three weeks is it?

“Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”
So the $2,004 budget for West Side Story has everyone in a tizzy, so Figgins took away the budget, shock.  Does Glee really need a political plot line? Meanwhile, in the New Directions’ rehearsal room, Kurt and Rachel are running against each other for president and Finn and Blaine have differing viewpoints about how to generate team unity, disastrophy.

Some clever thinking from Kurt helped secure funds from the area’s three mortuary owners. West Side Story is back on, cue music, Katy Perry cover. The New Directions forget their woes and celebrate while bouncing around the classroom, a bit half-heartedly to be honest. Without going in to too much more detail it was average, unlike previous Katy Perry songs.

“Waiting For a Girl Like You”
Sung by Puck quietly to a baby, awwwe.

Mercedes gets Santana to join Shelby’s all-girl glee club, concurrently, Santana agrees to recruit Brittany. It’s a done deal after Finn accidentally calls Brittany an idiot on finding out she was leaving. Together, with some other randoms, the ladies dub themselves the Troubletones and rip in to a Christina Aguilera cover. It’s definitely the best tune of the night, the harmonies were good, the 1940s styling and the diva notes from Mercedes and Santana made it a high point. Finn and Schue, watching from the back of the auditorium, sense danger.

“Take Care of Yourself”
Time for some apologies  between Finn and Brittany, Brittany accepts his apology and his low down on the reality of leprechauns – meaning Rory’s rainbow ain’t leading to no pot o’ gold. In a moment of realisations Finn decides he needs to stop fighting for the return of lost members, and asks Rory to join the New Directions instead. He dedicates Teddy Thompson’s tune to his family back home, It’s a better reflection of Rory’s voice than “Bein’ Green,” but it’s weird. The moment is made weirder as we see the awkward tension between Puck and Shelby manifest with a kiss at her apartment.

I’ve maybe been a bit too critical today, but I’m tired. It’s just really disappointing that after a 3 week wait Glee comes back as a bit of a damp squib. Here’s hoping the next episode sees the cast all back on track!

Did you enjoy ‘Pot o’ Gold’? What was your favourite song? Let us know in the comments!


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