Felicia Day Presents Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 5

November 9, 2011


Nice short sharp episode of Dragon Age: Redemption this week: we learn that the Chantry measures time in hundred year chunks of war and brutality and whatnot. Lots of people’s villages being destroyed and learning kickin’ rad swishy dagger moves and swishswish you’re dead. So mercenaries are pretty much everywhere. How everywhere? This everywhere:

That was a pretty cool fight scene! Okay, I guess they couldn’t think of anything for Josh to do and so had him bonked on the head by the innkeeper, but man, Nyree’s bloodmajjyk teeth attack was metal. And you know what, Felicia Day has been getting a bit of flak from certain quarters for being, like, everywhere like a nerdy Ryan Gosling, but she pretty much owned this scene. The twirling about with the elf knives? In her element. We’ll overlook the enthusiastic blood effects.

Then we learn more about each other and our motivations when Cairn tries to mangle Josh for leading them into what was a pretty obvious trap, on reflection. Haven’t they seen that one episode of Game of Thrones? Never be in a pub with a sword, it will end badly. Anyway, Josh whines something whiny, Cairn loses the medieval rag, Nyree takes his sword and pushes him down a hill.

Under slight duress from Tallis he tells a story strikingly similar to Josh’s. Saarebas destroyed his village and murdered his family because of reasons, but as a Templar he could not murder him back because they wanted to do tests on him. When he tried to kill the powerful wizard in secret he escaped, and now he’s run away from the Templars to finish the job. “You’re a renegade too,”  is my new favourite line in this series. I will get it printed on a t-shirt and wear it to the next big social event.

So everyone is happy party members again and we’re ready to head to the boss battle but oh no, where’s Josh. Yeah, they did that thing where provided a character is off-camera they can do pretty much whatever without being detected. But I’ll give them a pass because they’re working on a tight schedule. It’s also kinda sweet how everyone has pretty noble causes for going to face their destiny but Nyree’s just there for the benjamins. Just another Tuesday for Nyree you guys!

Anyway, next week is the finale, and the episode that leads into the Mark of the Assassin storyline with Hawke and chums. Plus we can expect a little more Doug Jones! And maybe some…


Enjoyed the journey so far? Ready to ragequit? Let us know in the comments.


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