Life’s Too Short S01E06: Episode 6

December 20, 2011


Very quick post today just to keep you in the loop here: Life’s Too Short is still impossibly bad. The sketches are over-long, slow and blunt-edged. I assume Steve Brody, who plays Warwick’s accountant, is a close personal friend of Gervais or Merchant who holds some close personal secrets and used them to blackmail his way into the show because he is one of the least entertaining screen presences of recent years. He is Murray from Flight of the Conchords without the energy, fun, personality, timing, delivery and hairstyle.

The show implausibly, insultingly, sees fit to drag Amy, Warwick’s kind-of girlfriend, for a third time. Not only is that something that simply does not happen in any real-world setting, but it totally devalues her as a character. She is a prop for Warwick to be a buffoon around, to be insulted by his childish behaviour and then come back next time for more. Their relationship borders on emotional abuse.

Anyway, this profoundly middle aged episode revolves around a party thrown apropos of nothing by Mr Davis, attended by Keith Chegwin, Les Dennis and Shaun Williamson, reprising jokes they made in Extras, to whit, the life of a middle-aged celebrity is lonely and depressing. Which I doubted at the time, and am thoroughly bored with now.

Worth pointing out that although Daniel Radcliffe was name-dropped last episode, he had the good sense not to touch this one with a ten-foot wand. There’s one fairly funny skit where Radcliffe and Watson, unseen at the other end of the phone, make their excuses not to come to the party and seconds later Rupert Grint calls up asking if there’s a party anywhere. Gid yin.

The celebrity who does show up is Cat Deeley, as a party-guest-for-hire, with predictably misogynist and ham-fisted results, as Davis pretends they are dating to impress his estranged wife, still sitting around alongside a deeply underused Matthew Holness.

Anyhow, nothing much has changed since the last episode, and the series wraps up next week. Rather a blot on the Gervais/Merchant copybook that will not be easily forgotten. Old, tired and completely lacking in energy.

Words. Your words please.


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  • Margaret Kay

    Steve Brody was much better as David Brent’s agent in The Office Christmas special – probably because that was a really really small part.