Midweek Movie Round Up

January 11, 2012


It may be just Wednesday, but we’re already thinking about what films we’re going to check out at the weekend.

With award film season now in full swing, the cinema’s schedules are crammed full of Oscar fodder. But never fear, there is still the odd turkey (I’m looking at you, The Darkest Hour) that you can get your teeth into if you don’t fancy using your brain.

War Horse

After the regal premiere at the weekend, people are buzzing about Spielberg’s latest offering: War Horse.

It tells the story of a touching friendship between a boy, Albert, and his horse, Joey. The pair are torn apart when the horse is forced to fight in the First World War, and the movie reaches an emotional climax in the heart of No Man’s Land.

It’s a little bit cheesy, but if you willing to get caught up on the story then you are in for an emotional rollercoaster. Keep those hankies at the ready!

The film certainly seems to have the Royal seal of approval, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made an appearance at the premiere. Check out the pictures at heyuguys.com.

The Darkest Hour

This alien thriller takes place in Moscow, where five vaguely attractive Americans hit a spot of bother when they head there for a trip.

Alien life forms invade planet Earth, and start stealing our electricity while making unsuspecting civilians disappear in a poof of dust. Scary stuff.

Lucky, the team of all-American friends (headed up by none other than Emile Hirsch – oh how the mighty have fallen) decide to take on the mysterious creatures. Do they win?

Er… let’s just say, in this movie, nobody wins. It’s a good one if you fancy a break from those pesky political films that make you think, though.

Margin Call

Hollywood seems to be churning out the Wall Street films at the moment – and here’s another.

Margin Call, starring Zachary Quinto, is a thriller which tells the story of the key players at an investment firm in the early days of the 2008 financial crisis.

When unnerving information is unlocked by an entry level analyst (Quinto), difficult financial and moral decisions must be made.

This looks to be one of the better Wall Street movies out there, in fact critics love the apparent humanisation of a crisis that appears to be based on black and white figures. What do you think?

What are you going to see this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below!


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