Tiger Woods 13: Preview

January 13, 2012


tiger woods 13

Image Via EA Sports

Dig out your ugly golf sweater and take to the greens as we prepare for the latest instalment of the long running Tiger Woods franchise.

With each release, EA Sports tweak the game here and there. Sticking with the winning formula while adding slight improvements is always going to prove successful. The game always divides opinion on whether these little changes warrant the purchase of every new release. If you’re golf mad or love the franchise, it’s a resounding yes.

This year, TW13 focuses more on accuracy as they continue to push towards a realistic simulation of the sport of golf. They say it’s the first time in the franchise where the tempo and speed of your swing will influence the power of the shot. To be honest, I thought that happened anyway if previous releases. But this could be rather interesting and more noticeable if you were playing with motion controls such as the Xbox Kinect or Playstation Move.

There’s always a new swing mechanic too. Again, little improvements when addressing the ball make the difference. It’s now easier to fade and draw the ball as well as changing the trajectory.

Another new feature which sounds interesting is the online Country Clubs. Here, you can form a club with your friends and take on other clubs. I think this is a terrific idea as it recreates a personalised Ryder Cup. You could be celebrating all together or blaming the choker who missed the 3-foot putt to win the match.

In some ways it was a brave decision for EA Sports to continue with Tiger Woods. While he’s still known around the world, after a difficult year it would have been easy for them to ditch him. It’s been a long time since he played anywhere near his best too. I just wonder how long it is before we see Rory McIlroy on the front cover of the game.

EA Sports it seems will always rule the roost when it comes to golfing games. The reason they are so popular and continue to fend off competition is it’s easy to pick up for people with no interest in golf but still offers enough realism for the serious golfer.

Tiger Woods 13 is scheduled for release on 30th March, and you can find more screens and videos over at GameRant.

Are the new features enough for you to buy the latest game? Tell us in the comments section below.


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  • Chaz1957

    The release date is March 27th for USA and the 30th for Europe……