The Best of Little Britain

January 21, 2012


Everyone loves the stereotypical British characters, the pompous narrator and of course the sheer perfect performances that can bring more laughs in a 3 minute skit than 2 hours of stand-up. As a foreigner in the UK I never knew what to expect of ‘British Culture’ and started to make my own assumptions about how the locals lived and behaved.

Having just started watching Little Britain, I now realize how obvious some stereotypes are and in their excessive interpretation, more apparent than ever before. While they are very extreme, I see the show as not offensive but more as a satire on British lifestyle which can only be achieved with gross exaggeration. Here’s my best bits of Little Britain


Computer says no


Computer Says No

This is Carol, a British administrator working in the USA. She actually encompasses all of the banking staff I’ve ever met and this is so beautifully executed that I’m sure you can all relate… computer says…no.

Vicky Pollard

When I lived in a little village in the UK when I first arrived I had several conversations with young adults who not only spoke in the strangest accents I’ve ever heard but spoke a completely foreign language… English apparently but no English I’ve ever understood.

Vicky Pollard is Little Britain’s interpretation of this colorful and verbose demographic and aside from scaring me a little it does take me back to some of my first encounters.



Fat Fighters

I have never lived in a country that is so obsessed with weight loss as the UK is. Weight watchers, pro-points, calorie counting, cabbage soup diets… People jog at night, they sign up for different fitness classes and even get home DVDs to do week-end workouts.

Here Little Britain takes the opportunity not to make fun of larger people but rather the dogmatic regiment and weight loss providers that people use to try and loose weight and the way they beat themselves up over weight gain.

Fat Fighters and Margery -Eat dust!- is the perfect act of satire to portray this aspect of British lifestyle.

fat fighters


The British behind the Little Britain

Matt Lucas and David Walliams are the stars behind the main characters of Little Britain.

The two went to the US to feature the character set in an American setting. They brought the American TV audience to tears with their hilarious take on what Brittish stereotypes are at their worst.

Watch the pair in this interview on their trip to the US, thoughts on Vicky Pollard and their other career pursuits.


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