New Girl S01E04: Naked

January 31, 2012


This week’s New Girl revolves around someone being caught naked, have a guess? It’s not Jess! It is actually Nick who is seen naked by, of course, Jess. But apart from this situation, which is the main part of the plot, the episode also deals with Nick going on a date after a long time and Winston facing job interviews.


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It looks like Nick is becoming the main character of the show after Jess, followed by Schmidt and Winston, who hasn’t spoken much since he moved to the house. Well, maybe he’s not as loud as Nick or Schmidt, and tries to stay away from Jess as much as he can, that’s a personal opinion.

The episode starts with Nick saying that he has a date with his co-worker Amanda. Nick is a little nervous because he hasn’t dated anyone since he broke up with Caroline so Schmidt tries to calm him down sharing some of his gigolo secrets with him. Jess pops into the kitchen and hears the conversation and makes Nick feel quite uncomfortable by saying he should be nervous since he hasn’t got a date since such a long time (you go Jess!).

After the chat Nick decides to go into his room and check himself out in the mirror, naked. Two minutes later Jess walks into Nick’s room and boom! To make it even worse, Jess giggles when she sees Nick’s pee pee (Jess own words). From this point Nick spends the rest of the episode horrified and mad at her.

Nick goes on his date with Amanda and he’s so nervous that he can’t even get naked when they get to her apartment, so he decides to spend the night hugging her. Amanda looks like she doesn’t mind, and even decides to go on a second date with Nick later on the episode.

Meanwhile Winston is preparing himself for some job interviews. The guy had been living in Eastern Europe before moving to the flat and feels that he has missed 3 years of American pop culture. He decides to spend some intense time trying to learn as much as possible before attending the next interview, but by the end of the episode poor Winston hasn’t got a job yet.

Going back to the Nick and Jess incident, she decides that the only way to make things better between them is to make it even and get naked in front of Nick. The thing is that Nick doesn’t know anything about it so he actually doesn’t expect to find Jess hidden under his bed after bringing Amanda to his room. Jess tries to walk away from the room when she finds out that Nick is not alone, and when she tries to reach the door the towel wrapping her body ends up in the floor and Nick, and Amanda, see her naked. Oh Jess!

This is overall a good episode, similar to the previous ones but with less focus on Jess. The ‘hate relationship’ between and Nick and Jess is getting more intense, and as I said last week, I can’t really wait to see if something ends up happening between them.

For more New Girl chat, check out Vulture‘s tv blog! What are your thoughts on this episode? Do you think Winston should get a bigger role?


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