Hammer Horror Classics Restored for Blu-Ray Release

February 1, 2012


Good news for fans of vintage horror, as it has been revealed that more than 30 classic horror films produced by Britain’s Hammer studios are going to be restored for their Blu-Ray release.

As well as the aforementioned restoration of the films, several of the releases will incorporate previously unseen or extended scenes cut from the original versions. For instance, Terence Fisher’s Dracula will now feature an extended death scene that was considered too gruesome back in 1958.

The news is sure to be music to the ears of horror enthusiasts across the world, for whom Hammer studios has always held a cult appeal.

Hammer was originally established way back in 1934, and held massive appeal for fans of the horror genre during the 1950s, with the films making household names out of British actors like Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Unfortunately however, the company had lain dormant from the 1980s until 2007, where a consortium bought the company and its entire back catalogue. This lead to a resurrection of the Hammer name, and the company has once again started to produce smash-hit horror films – Let Me In and The Woman in Black are two films that they’ve produced in the past couple of years.

The sheer volume of older titles due to be restored is pretty darn extensive, and will include cult classics such as The Mummy, Frankenstein Created Woman and the curiously titled Reptile Slave Girls. The huge undertaking will see the likes of Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures and Pinewood Studios all contributing material.

However, there’s still plenty of footage out there that remains undiscovered that the company would like to use. As such, they’re appealing to the public to get in touch with them if they know the whereabouts of any of it – could be time to give your creepy Uncle a ring, it might be his time to make a fast buck!

Jokes aside though, this is certain to be big news for horror buffs and the re-release of these iconic films on Blu-Ray will hopefully lead to the continued success of the Hammer brand – just don’t leave them lying out when the kids are around!

What’s your pick of the Hammer stable? Let us know in the comments.


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