Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Trailer

February 3, 2012


Ghost Recon Future Solider

Image Via Ghost Recon

There’s an old saying; two’s company, three’s a crowd. Call of Duty and Battlefield continue to slug it out to be crowned king of the military shooter. But is there room for one more contender? From the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer, the answer could be yes.

The latest title in the Ghost Recon series has been pushed back numerous times, initially slotted in for a 2010 release. But Future Soldier is scheduled for the 24th May. Well, who can blame them?  After the enormous success they had with Advanced Warfighter, they then followed it up with the rather disappointing sequel. So if they want to take the time to do a good job, I’m all for it.

An ultra-nationalist force has taken over Russia, looking to restore the Soviet Union. Planning to attack nearby countries, it’s the job of your 4-man Ghost team to stop this from happening.

In previous games, commanding your team’s movements may have been awkward. They’ve enlisted help from four Navy Seals who suggest teams don’t use commands like the games portray. Instead, each member thinks for themselves. For example, don’t shoot at the enemy if it’s going to create a scene and onslaught from the enemy. A welcome return is the flying object which allows you get an overhead view of the battlefield. Here, you can scope out your targets and most importantly, plan your stealthy route.

For those who prefer the fast game play of Call of Duty and Battlefield, chances are you will be disappointed. Ghost Recon is more about stealth and getting the position to shoot your enemy. Heck, they’ve introduced optical camouflage, making you instantly invisible! But if you liked other Tom Clancy franchises such as Rainbox Six, you may be in for a treat.

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