New Girl S01E05: Cece Crashes

February 7, 2012


So what’s this week’s New Girl about? Mainly Cece, Jess’ best friend, who has been in a couple of episodes but haven’t had the chance of getting to know her really well. What we knew about Cece is that she was a model, she was Jess’ childhood friend and that Schmidt was already crazy about her.

Half of the episode deals with Cece crashing at Jess’ place and Schmidt and Winston flirting with her, the other half is about Nick and Jess, again.

Cece crashes

Cece Crashes via Cinema Romantico

The episode starts with Cece in a club breaking up with a dj, and going back home with Jess. When they get to the flat they find Schmidt wearing a kimono and Schmidt all covered in napkins, nobody seems to care much about it and Cece, who is drunk, ends up dancing with both of them. Jess warns them that Cece can be a little ‘loose’ when she’s drunk and that they should be nice with her. Schmidt is happy to hear that and guides Cece to his room, where she passes out and wakes up the next morning and finds Schmidt exercising shirtless and hanging from the door (typical Schmidt). Schmidt didn’t actually sleep in his room that night, but at the end of the episode they sleep side-by-side after admitting that they hate sleeping alone.

Meanwhile Cece tells Jess that Nick is into her and that she doesn’t want to admit it, so she makes Jess go with Nick to the supermarket, after telling her that when a guy points his feet at a girl that means he’s interested in her. Jess is with Nick at the supermarket and she starts looking at Nick’s feet and freaks out, when they’re on their way home she suddenly leaves the car and starts running away. Nick is worried about her and is relieved when he gets home and finds Jess in there. At the end o the episode Jess backs off and apologises to Nick, unfortunately there’s no kiss, and I am definitely starting to think that nothing is gonna happen between them, bummer!

Overall it is a mediocre episode, I have to admit that I laughed much more during the previous ones, but I guess it was nice to see less Jess and the rest of the characters being more developed, although Winston still feels like the outsider of the show.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you want to see more of Cece? Let us know in the comments section below!


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