New Girl S01E06: Thanksgiving

February 15, 2012


It is a little late for Thanksgiving here in the UK but there was a big fat turkey in this week’s New Girl. Turkey and Jess haters are advised not to continue reading, having said that, it’s time to examine what happened at the guys flat during the new episode.

The episode starts with Jess asking one of his co-workers out, hold on, what about Nick? It looks like she’s not interested in him at all, although he might be a little jealous about his flatmate’s date. The lucky guy is Paul, a nerdy guy who is a teacher in the same school than Jess.

New Girl: Thanksgiving

New Girl: Thanksgiving via Paste Magazine

She is excited about her date and invites him to spend Thanksgiving at the flat. Jess buys a huge turkey (she decides to call him Hank, Hanksgiving in case you didn’t get it…) and gets ready for cooking a festive dinner. Her roomies don’t seem very happy about this fact, they were actually thinking of spending the holiday just watching football and relaxing. When Jess tells them that she’s planning on bringing Paul for dinner they don’t like the idea and think he’s gonna become the 5th member of the flat.

Before Paul arrives Jess needs to figure out how to cook a turkey, first issue she encounters is that the turkey is too big for the oven. Here is when we get to see Jess being Jess during this episode, she tries hugging the turkey to see if it shrinks and finally decides to put it into the dryer machine, and forgets about it…

Pauls arrives to the flat and he’s not very welcome by Nick, who starts judging him before he even had a chance to talk. On the other hand, Paul seems to get on well with Schmidt and Winston. Jess wants things to work between Paul and Nick, so he sends them to buy some stuff at the supermarket.

Meanwhile Cece is helping Schmidt with the dinner, but when she finds out that Schmidt is a germaphobe she starts teasing him and touching all the food he’s trying to cook. There’s definitely something going on in here! Are they the new Jess and Nick? What about Winston? I honestly hope they find someone for him.

Anyway, remember about that turkey? Well basically the dryer machine blows up but Schmidt rescues the turkey (and he even has time for taking his shirt off). The apartment ends up filled with smoke but Jess finds a solution to that, she just realises that their neighbour, an old lady, had given her the keys to her flat.

They move everything to the new flat and Jess waits for Nick to have a little chat outside by the door while the rest of the people are inside. She basically wants to know why he doesn’t like Paul but they start screaming at each other, Jess says she wants to have sex with Paul and everyone inside listens to the whole conversation.

When they get back in Paul seems pretty fine and doesn’t give much importance to the awkward conversation. But before they start having dinner he discovers that the owner of the flat is actually dead in one of the rooms. It looks like Jess’ date didn’t go as well as expected… but you know what happens at the end of every episode right? Everyone is friends with each other, especially Nick and Jess.

I’m a little tired about these happy endings to be honest, but well, what to expect from a comedy show? Apart from that, I liked the new character; I hope they keep him for some more episodes. I’m also more interested right now in the Cece-Schmidt relationship than in what is going on between Jess and Nick, which is becoming quite boring.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Did you like Paul? Share your Jess love/hate with us in the comments section below!


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