New Girl S01E07: Bells

February 24, 2012


Finally! This week’s episode of New Girl focuses on Winston. I had written about it in the last reviews, since the show started and Winston was introduced in the second episode, we hadn’t known much about him. Well, after 6 episodes he has his big role and it looks like the guy likes being the centre of attention…

New Girl S01E07: Bells

New Girl S01E07: Bells via TV Equals

There’s definitely some competition and tension going on in this episode between all the flatmates, but you know what happens at the end right? Not going to say it again, read the last review and you will know how this episode (and probably the rest of the season) ends. Although these ‘happy endings’ bother me a little, I must admit that maybe there’s no need for creating intrigue in a TV show like New Girl. After all, it is a comedy show, and I guess people just want to watch something slightly predictable and not worry about complicated plots.

The episode starts with Jess bringing some students (she defines them as ‘The youth of America’) from her school to the apartment. The students were offered to play handbells instead of going to detention and you might have guessed what they chose. Jess starts rehearsing with the students at the flat, Nick and Schmidt don’t seem very happy about it but Winston decides to give the instruments a try and he turns out to be a handbell prodigy!

Jess asks Winston if he wouldn’t mind helping the students with the rehearsal, he’s happy about it and decides that they are going to learn the handbell version of Eye of the Tiger. During the rehearsals Winston starts acting in an arrogant way and wants the students to perform the song perfectly. Jess doesn’t think this is going to help the students and decides to tell Winston that maybe he should relax a little and enjoy. Winston doesn’t see it that way but by the end of the episode he leaves the competitiveness aside and joins the group while they perform in front of an audience, or should I say an empty park?

The other ‘tension moment’ in this episode is between Nick and Schmidt. It all starts when one of the students uses the toilet and it doesn’t work properly, Nick apparently had fixed it but Schmidt says that everything Nick does is a shoddy piece of work. The guys spend the whole episode arguing and playing practical jokes on each other. This was a funny story, probably more interesting than the one between Winston and Jess, I couldn’t stop laughing when Schmidt freaks out as he finds out that Nick has used his hair conditioner!

Nice episode overall, it was good to see Winston having a bigger role and less focus on Jess, at least for one week. But where was Paul? Maybe the Thanksgiving incident was too much for him…

What do you think of Winston after getting to know him a little better this week? Did you want to see more of Jess? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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