New Girl S01E09: The 23rd

March 9, 2012


Before I start writing about the Christmas New Girl episode, does anyone know why is it called “The 23rd”? I guess it is because the action is supposed to take place on December 23rd, anyways I just felt quite curious about it but if you think it might be for any other reason please let me know.

I don’t like Christmas, and if there’s something worse than this holiday season it is Christmas episodes and movies airing during the non-Christmas period. As you might have guessed I didn’t like this week’s episode much, but it wasn’t only because of the Christmasy feeling, the plot was quite mediocre as well.

The 23rd

The 23rd via Cinema Romantico

Paul is back this week, for those of you watching lots of TV shows and forgetting all the characters’ names (that’s my case), Paul is the geeky guy Jess is dating. Jess doesn’t know what to get him for Christmas, she’s quite worried about it and ask the guys for advice but she ends up buying an “anatomically correct replica of a 50-year-old non-smoker’s heart”, very Jess I must say. When they exchange gifts Paul surprises her with two plane tickets to Vienna. You can imagine Jess’ face when she takes the heart out and hands it to Paul but he’s happy with the gift and gives Jess a hug and says “I love you”.

Classic TV moment, the girl doesn’t know what to say! Jess manages to mumble a “thank you” after a long pause. We’ve seen this hundreds of times before, come on! I mean, it was funny the way Jess said thank you but the screenwriters could have come up with something else.  As you might have guessed, the episode was all about Jess and Paul after that, with some little stories with Schmidt and Winston in between.

Will get back to the Jess and Paul situation later but let’s talk about Schmidt, who has definitely become one of my favourite characters. In this episode Schmidt has to attend a work party and he has to dress as Sexy Santa, apparently he has been doing it in the previous parties but this year he’s tired of it and wants to get some respect from his all-female workmates, ha!

Before going to the party Schmidt decides to visit Cece to give her a Christmas gift, a personally designed perfume called Cecilia N°5. When he gives Cece the present, he finds out that she is dating someone. But no worries, Schmidt invites everyone to the party and Cece decides to put a little of the stinky perfume on, that’s definitely a good sign! There’s even some serious flirting between them. Will we see some kissing by the end of the season?

Winston spends the episode talking to the child of Schmidt’s boss, that pregnant woman who was thrown into a pool in the previous episode. He is of course another son, not the one she’s pregnant with… apparently the kid is not much of a talker but he really gets on well with Winston, so Schmidt’s boss offers him to take care of the child for a lot of money, she even emphasizes the “a lot” twice. Looks like Winston finally got a job!

So getting back to Jess and Paul…and Nick. Jess tells Nick that she felt bad after the gift swap and the “I love you” situation because she doesn’t know how she feels about Paul.  Nick encourages her to break up with him and she seems quite sure about it so she plans to do it later during the party. The problem is that before she has a chance to do it, Nick has already been talking to Paul and has accidentally let it slip that Jess doesn’t love him (should I delete the accidentally in here?).

There’s lots of drama, including Nick trapped in a terrace while Jess and Paul discussing their situation. There were some funny moments during this part but nothing compared to previous episodes. On the other hand, there’s one thing I really liked and it is that there was no happy ending this time, though it wasn’t completely sad either…

Jess decides to break up with Paul as she’s not ready to be so involved emotionally. She feels quite sad after this but her flatmates are there to cheer her up (this was the not so sad ending). They take her to see the Christmas light in one of the neighbourhoods, after screaming to the neighbours like maniacs to turn them on.

Is Nick in love with Jess? Are you gonna miss Paul? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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