New Girl S01E10: The Story of the 50

March 20, 2012


A Schmidt centered episode, that’s what I was waiting for! This has been one of the funniest episodes so far, if you’ve been reading the previous reviews you can tell that I’m a Schmidt fan, but who isn’t?

So let’s start explaining the meaning of “Story of the 50”. The number 50 refers to the $50 Schmidt has to put into the douchebag jar, that’s his biggest deposit so far! For those of you wondering what that jar is, Schmidt must insert some money in it every time he does something that can be considered douchey by his flatmates.

New Girl S01E10: The Story of the 50

New Girl S01E10: The Story of the 50 via Paste Magazine

This week’s New Girl starts with Schmidt putting the 50 dollars into the jar the morning after his 29th birthday party. We don’t know why he needs to put so much money, but we find out about it at the end of the episode.

So Schmidt wants to throw a big party for this 29th birthday, as he thinks he’s finally going to become an adult next year. He wants to rent a party bus but he feels a little down when he finds out that there are no buses left for that day. Jess decides to help him organizing the party and talks with her boss, who is also willing to provide some weed for the party,  to see if she can get one of the school buses.

Schmidt tells Jess about Benjamin, his best friend. If you think of Schmidt as the adorable douchebag, then Benjamin is the arrogant one. Schmidt is nervous about him coming to the party as it might not be up to his expectations, he tells Jess that Benjamin helped him in becoming who he is right now (do we have to thank Benjamin for that?). We built this Schmidty!

Meanwhile Nick has a date with this girl called Julia. We haven’t seen her before but apparently they’ve been dating for a while. Does this mean that there won’t be any more moments between Jess and him? Nick invites Julia to his flat but it looks like he’s ashamed of his flatmates and don’t want her to meet them. Winston (yes, he’s still in the show) invites Julie to Schmidt’s party and Nick doesn’t like the idea so much.

Back to the party preparations, Jess wants to get a stripper for Schmidt, she asks for an Asian person but when the stripper arrives to the bus it turns out to be a guy! Jess and Schmidt are the only ones who know about this so they try to keep him hidden during the party and pretend that he has been invited as well.

During the party Benjamin tells Schmidt that he wants to hit on Jess but he tells him not do it. Despite his friend’s words, Benjamin goes ahead and scares Jess. All the flatmates try to protect her and Julia, who is working through anger management, beats up the guy. The look on Nick’s face was priceless!

Just after this incident the bus crashes, ending the party. Everyone go back home and Jess and Schmidt wait for a tow truck. Here is when we know why Schmidt had to pay $50, she tries to kiss Jess! Go for it Schmidty!

We could have expected a very awkward reaction from Jess but actually she reacted in a very funny way and not caring much about the fact that her flatmate was trying to kiss him.

The end of the episode is a recap of douchebag jar moments; I wonder how much money is in there…

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Now that Nick is dating someone, will Schmidt become the new Nick? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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