Non-Stop Liam Neeson

April 4, 2012


Image by karen in toronto

If you had in your hands a script for a thriller movie entitled Non-Stop, who would you cast as your leading man?…Liam Neeson?…Of course!

And thankfully it seems the good folks of Dark Castle have had the same idea. They are currently in negotiations with our favourite hard man himself in the view to him playing a “worn out” air marshal who unsurprisingly has to save the day on an international flight.

The details of Non-Stop are scarce but having been described as a “contained, gritty action thriller” there is no doubt in our minds that Neeson is the perfect choice for the starring role. The title itself gives you an instant feel for the movie this is going to be, or at least the movie we hope it to be, imagining Taken on an aeroplane perhaps?…Don’t worry, we are too; or maybe more of a Taken/Speed on a plane hybrid. But needless to say what we are mostly hoping for is a Liam Neeson quote to rival “Now the next part is very important…they are going to take you”. We imagine it to go something like this… “I won’t stop…until I’ve landed this plane!” GOLD!

Keep your eyes out for this next Liam Neeson action thriller treat, but if you just can’t wait to see more of your favourite action star, don’t worry Taken 2 is out later this year!

Got any treasured Neeson memories? Share em in the comments.


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