How To Be Don Draper

April 20, 2012


Image by: SanFranAnnie

Ok, not “be” Don Draper but, you know, borrow some of his styling and scotch drinking abilities to become an overall smoother individual, who may or may not have more success with the ladies and get a high flying job in advertising. While drinking Scotch.

There’s not much we can do about actual features, if you don’t have a chiselled jaw then there is nothing we can do about that but we can help you out in other departments. So we are going to break it down for you in easy to manage sections that when combined will unleash the force that is Don Draper.


General grooming is to keep it clean and neat. For the hair you want to have a short back and sides with dead straight parting over to one side. Even with all the Scotch drinking and late nights that Don Draper gets into, being unshaven is not tolerated. You should invest in a regular quality shave but if this is financially unavailable then investing in a quality electric razor that you can take with you to the office to ensure ultra smoothness before any meetings. Another item that might help to Don Draper you up would be a fedora or trilby. I know the majority of people will be imagining Justin Timberlake with some form of leather abomination on his head but a quality fedora can speak volumes. Check out Goorin Bros for some quality headware.


Take your tracksuits and burn them. There is no place for them now that we have started down the Don Draper path. Seriously, burn them. We are talking suits from now on. Tight-fitted grey suits and crisp spread collars are the call of the day. There is more to it than that, however: the suits are based on the American Classic suit that was made popular around the 50′s and 60′s a classic from both Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers: soft and thick in the shoulders and chest, but tapered at the waist to give a more V-shaped silhouette. Although not as common now you will need to get suits taken in at the waist to achieve a similar style.  Shirts should be crisp and bright white with collars just reaching the lapels of the suit jacket. Ties should be a single colour that complements the suits. Draper doesn’t need to show off with ties.


This is no place for trainers, or even scuffed shoes for that matter. It is a place for the well-shined black Oxfords with a smooth toe. These should have a reasonable heel on them also to help make yourself more imposing in a Don Draper Style. There are also a few other accessories that can be added to complete the look. For example, Don Draper would never be caught without a light, even if you don’t smoke a Zippo lighter is the smoothest way known to man to light a ladies cigarette. Should you be out in some bad weather the only way to protect your suit is under a double breasted trench coat, a classic design that worked with Don Draper and will work for you.

We hope you found this breakdown of how to get Don Drapers style interesting and informative, remember that we are just suggesting ways that you can get his style, we are not saying that you should go out and be a womanising, scotch drinking, advertising badass. That decision is yours. For more inspiration you can check out our Tumblr post which has more ideas.


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