The Best of the Sydney Comedy Festival

May 9, 2012


Okay, so what’s better than sun, sea and the Australian sunshine?

Sun, sea, the Australian sunshine and some decent COMEDY of course! There are some pretty big names making an appearance at this year’s Sydney comedy festival, so if you’re in town over the next couple of days, here’s who we think you should take the time to see:

Ross Noble

This clip was filmed in Australia back in 2008, but needless to say the Geordie comedian has gone from strength to strength. The Australians love a bit of Ross Noble, mainly because he’s a genuinely happy chappy (no angst-ridden comedy here, thank you very much) and his improvised patter is some of the best in town (see above).

Find out more about one of Newcastle’s most popular exports by reading his interview over at The Brag.

Axis of Awesome

This Australian band hit the big time when their 4 Chord Song (above) went viral on Youtube. Now, the trio have over 40 million video views under their belt, and have been doing their victory lap around the world to the USA, UK, Europe and Asia.

Their homecoming tour is bound to be something special, certainly not one to be missed.

Glenn Wool

Glenn Wool is no stranger to the Sydney Comedy Festival. He played in Sydney for the first time in 2011, and managed to sell out his entire show. Glenn travels the world with his razor-sharp comedy, leaving sellout theatres and glowing five star reviews in his wake. If you didn’t see him last year, then definitely try to catch him this time around.

If you’re not already in Oz, it might be a bit late to catch this year’s action. However, now is the time to plan next year’s trip, because there’s no doubt the line up will be just as awesome. Airlines like Etihad run flights from Manchester to Sydney regularly, but accomodation can book up pretty quickly in Sydney during the festival, so be sure to plan ahead!

Have you managed to see anybody at the Sydney Comedy Festival this year? Were they any good? Tell us about them in the comment section below!


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