The best TV ads of the last few years

May 14, 2012


I’ve always found TV advertising to be a very interesting from of media. TV ads have to be short, they have to grab your attention and they have to fulfil a very specific function.

There are literally thousands of ads on our TVs which just coast along fulfilling their marketing function while adding very little to our TV watching experience. However, every now and then an ad pops up which really captures the public’s attention, goes viral and generates a huge amount of buzz. In great advertising the product doesn’t really matter, it could be an ad for credit cards or salmon; the ads which really set themselves apart tend to be those where the producers are more concerned with entertaining the audience or creating a miniature work of televisual art.

While ads which focus heavily on the product can be very effective in fulfilling their primary function, but they tend to be extremely forgettable. The unforgettable ones are usually born in a situation where the producers are allowed to break out of the box, showcase their creative talent and give the audience something of value. These ads tend to use humour, drama, art and insight to say something about the brand rather than directly extolling the virtues of a product.

For me, the key idea behind building a brand through advertising is to give the audience something of value. I’m a great believer that audiences can build up goodwill towards brands if their advertising enhances the TV viewing experience rather than hindering it.

That feeling of goodwill can be a powerful factor when it comes to making a purchase decision and can also heavily influence things like a consumer’s level of loyalty to a brand. In essence, this type of advertising can help a brand to be likeable and emotion plays a stronger part in decision making than most consumers would like to believe.

Keeping this concept of enriching the TV watching experience in mind, I’ve pulled together a little playlist of some of my favourite ads of the past few years. From my perspective these ads have transcended their basic function; they’ve made me laugh, inspired me, sparked my imagination or had me marvelling at their beauty. And without exception they’ve had a strong positive impact on my attitude towards their respective brands.

What have been your favourite ads of the last few years? Let us know in the comments section below.


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